Getting ready to eat local

The 7L cabin blog is about a lot of things — building, working with friends, nature — and now it’s all about growing stuff too. 

This spring we cleared some salal and built paths using the old sawdust from the mill which has been sitting in a pile for years. We also put in a wattle fence for a raised bed. The branches came from some clearing our land partner is doing, so it worked out well. Wattling proved not only fun to do but ridiculously fun to say.  A very silly and satisfying start to gardening season.


Many hands make light work

If there is a theme to building the cabin it’s that many hands make light work. So I love this picture we took this weekend of eight friends hauling a water tank up a very steep hill.

I spruced up the website and updated the timeline of our ten year adventure. Each year has been filled with moments like this one. There is not a single aspect of our cabin that is not connected to a memory of a shared meal, a late night board game. When we first started this project I told Kevin I was afraid i was going to lose years of my life to this project, but instead I feel like it’s given me so much. 

All the jokes we’ve made over the years about how useful the drawbridge will be during the zombie apocalypse felt a little less funny in the orange haze of forest fire smoke. But a little manual labour, combined with some extreme bocce, eating watermelon and breakfast pizza and swimming in the ocean, all helped to make for a great weekend.

I hope you like the new blog and let me know if you have any post suggestions!




This is a blog about our cabin and how we built it. We built it ourselves and with the help of many many friends. We built it over 8 years of weekends and summer vacations and we built it using seven critieria for deciding what and how we were going to build.

The 7L’s are Local + Logical + Light / Low-Impact + Liveable/Loveable + Low-cost + Long Lasting + Lots o ‘uses.

Over 75 people helped build the cabin!

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