Getting to the first floor

 The posts are up & a platform is rapidly getting put down. It’s been a very busy past couple of weeks with the posts and beams rapidly being put into place. Exciting, exhausting & exhilirating! Thank you thank you thank you to Pere and Didi for the many many things they’ve done to make this project possible, RJ for his magic tricks and handyman skills, Jan and Rich who came from Alberta, Cath and Naomi for delivering lunch, Bonnie for cat sitting and costco runs, Joe, Matt, Marc and Doug (go A team!) Lewis for being “snack boy” kevin ‘de nugent’ for his wiring work and Maddy for taking time from the picket line to help out.

there are lots and lots of new pictures on the photo blog.

– Swim time
Raising the posts
– Full moon
– Spotting the otter down at the dock
– RJ’s magic tricks
– Watching cath Naomi, Didi and Lewis play “Hi Jack”
– Late night “capture the flag”
– Putting on the first plywood for the subfloor
– Bacon and more bacon
watching the rinfret brothers try and electrocute themselves with a bug zapper
– Maddy’s organic nectarines

– RJ’s magic tricks

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