Late June / Early July


  • First swim of the season (photos to follow)
  • Windows to Power Tower installed
  • Second set of solar panels installed!
  • Happy discovery that generator can be used to charge power tower batteries. This means if we need to use the generator we can be put any excess energy (idle time etc) back into the system.
  • Significant progress on the log pile leading to…
  • New woodpile
  • Further discoveries into how to make the system more powertool friendly. Right now we are facing an issue with the surges some tools create when they start. There’s enough power to run the tools, but not enough to get them started. There are some possible ways around this that are being looked into.
  • Ground wire laid for electrical system
  • Found and donated plastic shed (thanks Andrew!) and coroplast (thanks Gary & Colleen!)
  • Mouse in the frying pan! (Luckily not on…)
  • Lots of deer

Big thanks go out to Maddy, Bill, Andrew, Gary & Colleen!

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