The Big Build(s) 2009

    Our 7L project is being built with lots and lots of help from our friends. If you’d like to come and leave your mark, here’s some info Our list of goals for this year’s big build varies wildly depending on the day. But like, probably some floors. And some walls. And maybe a roof? The logistics You can only get there by boat, it’s a lovely 20 minute ride from Horseshoe Bay. We provide the boat (and the lifejackets!)

  • Starting in April and May we will be making day trips and as it gets warmer the whole weekend.
  • We will be there full-time for the last two weeks in August.
  • Promise to swing a hammer and we’ll cover your transportation costs.
  • The amenities

    • Flush toilet in “toilet shack”
    • Large 2-6 person tent on platform in main camp area
    • Secluded 2-6 person tent on platform with water view
    • Roofed room (in power tower) with water view
    • Solar outdoor shower with spectacular view and variable temperatures
    • Kitchen cook tent with running (cold) water, BBQ and stove
    • Screened in eating area
    • Lots of tenting sites
    • Sunscreen aplenty

    The perks

    • The company of people who understand the importance of R & R
    • Yummy food for vegetarians and omnivores
    • Cocktail hour
    • Granola bars & other snacks
    • Hammock
    • Ocean swimming
    • Wildlife viewing
    • An excellent workout
    • A chance to use power tools

    The to-do list

    • Move smaller rocks off foundation area
    • Power wash rocks for foundation
    • Begin building power tower walls
    • Treat all lumber with oil-based natural wood protection
    • Lay-down platform
    • erect and sheath all the walls of the guest cabin
    • install roof rafters and sheating in the guest cabin
    • Begin building guest cabin
    • Finish installing windows on power tower
    • Siding for power tower
    • Inside details of power tower
    • Cook / Clean-up
    • Build trails
    • Replant displaced trees
    • Build a swing
    • Be a gopher (go-fer tools, water, sunscreen etc)
    • General site maintenance (tents, tarps etc)
    • Set up a croquet set
    • Set up a Frisbee golf course?Dream about future zipline
    • Glass-cutting/recycling project
    • Build things with wood
    • build the decks around the cabin
    • complete the milling of the logs
    • erect and sheath all the walls of the main cabin
    • install roof rafters and sheating in the main cabin
    • install at least some of the windows and doors

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