VSOP Weekend

VSOP (Visible Signs of Progress) Weekends

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These past two weekends have felt both laid-back and quite productive to me. Maybe it’s seeing things gradually take shape…like the tiny sprouts of Maddy’s garden popping up, what seemed impossible suddenly also seems possible at the same time…

Highlights & Accomplishments

  • Concrete pads in for the front deck, which will also be the scaffolding during our first big build
  • Concrete pad for the final railing on the power tower
  • Maddy’s Garden & the installation of the Lee Valley drip irrigation system to keep it alive.
  • Loft & ladder built in power tower (which go very nicely with the beds we built last week)
  • Our first home decor purchases…Ikea lamps for the power tower!
  • No signs of mice in power tower!
  • Great food including real Montreal bagels delivered fresh from MTL (served with lox and cream cheese) fresh crab, BBQ chicken, grilled portobello mushroom sandwiches & bumbleberry pie
  • Fort Compost (aka the compost bin) survives its first week against the raccoons
  • First swim of the year prize goes to Mike!
  • And to top it off, on our way back from Halkett this week, we scored a great stainless steel sink and countertop from Craigslist, which I think is a 7/7 on the 7L List (Low-cost, long-lasting, logical, loveable/liveable, low-impact, local, and lots of uses.) OK maybe it doesn’t have lots of uses. But it’s still a pretty cool sink/counter.

Special thanks to Mike for his continued help, Pat for the fresh crab, Maddy for the garden & Carmen for the painting and bagels and Craig for starting that list.

HB Summer 09

Maddy’s garden + Fort Compost

From HB Summer 09

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