Safety committee chairman injures finger

You can tell Kevin’s just recently whacked his finger when he starts off our weekly update email with “First off I want to remind everyone the theme of this year is safety, just it case anyone forgot. “ Just who might that be Kevin?
The finger is on the mend, and he doesn’t think he’ll lose the fingernail (but I’m willing to take bets…)
Lots of little things to finish up before Big Build #1 featuring a crew of no fewer than 14 siblings, parents, cousins headed up the hill to build that cabin! We are so excited and grateful for their help & think the week should be absolutely amazing.
This weekend I’ll play catch-up with the camera and get some pictures of the top of the power tower railing, Maddy’s composting/sawdust toilet (yet to be tested…), the new mini hotwater heater & some new improvements to the kitchen shack and the power tower and of course the new deck on the westside, replacing the old ramp.

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