Thanksgiving at Halkett Bay

Here’s how you have Thanksgiving Dinner Halkett Bay style:
First you build the kitchen

IK2 (interim kitchen #2) was set up in a few hours while the turkey was soaking in brine. You can see a video of the stove moving here (Geek note — why doesn’t Blogger let me embed my picasa videos when they’re the same company?) By the time the turkey was ready to go the stove was set up and I did some of the rest of my prep while power tools and a great work crew of  Kevin, Waylon and Mike kept me company. It was my first time cooking a turkey on a BBQ and my first time cooking it breast side down, not to mention having the kitchen built around me but amazingly IK2 and dinner all came off without a hitch.

IK2 uses what will be our permanent kitchen which we bought off craigslist last year so even doing the dishes was a new experience. What an amazing Thanksgiving! Even the weather cooperated!
Lots more photos here. Thanks Waylon for the great pictures

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