Unsolicited testimonial!

the owner of the feet on the left sent us this email
Sonja and Kevin,

As a long standing member of the Halkett Bay Volunteer Labour Platinum Club (HBVLPC) allow me to offer this unsolicited testimonial.
Despite gnarly weather and some tough work, I can say to you straight that this past weekend was fabulous. The extensive re-modeling of the main living room has greatly enhanced the ambiance and this year’s drinks selection is better than ever. Not only that, but new bedding has made the already five star accommodation even more enticing.
For those who remember the heady days when Mauri ribs were on the menu, I am pleased to report that this season’s featured culinary specialty – butterfly chicken – matches the ribs for unparalleled succulent excellence.
From the scenic cruise to the island, through to the vintage red wine, the entertaining neighbors, the magnificent vistas, the up close wildlife encounters, and the witty literary conversation – this is an island experience like no other.


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