Well one house got built this past weekend

From HB Summer 09

Last weekend featured our youngest builders so far of the summer of 09. Cute, and efficient too. While the rest of us worked on beams and scaffolding, they managed to construct a whole house!
Highlights and accomplishments:

  • Completion of modern and roomy house for birds, complete with windows and interior design
  • Scaffolding & other prep for the 15 person family build coming up at the end of July
  • Our first tri-lingual building day with a wonderful visit from Pat and her friends from Switzerland (German) and Annie & the boys from Quebec. So cool!
  • First swim of the year for Sonja
  • Old tent platform moved to nicer location
  • Near completion of 1st ‘beam bench.’

Alas, it was not all good news. Our fridge continues to be a little fritzy and my previous theory about over-heating doesn’t seem to be it. And we’re confident it’s not a ‘not enough electricity’ (for want of the technical term) issue since it doesn’t only happen when we’re there and charging batteries, opening the fridge etc. A lot of people have expressed interest in the idea of running a regular fridge off solar, so if you’re one one of them, I promise we’ll post the solution. When we find it.

Big Build 08

It was a busy, exhausting and slightly soggy building bee this year.
Highlights and accomplishments:
main house platform put down
guest cabin roof & walls up
pat’s propane heater & the hot rocks that kept us company on soggy nights
rj’s magic tricks
rain rain and more rain
an almost entirely solar powered build!
Big thanks to: Pere & Didi, Patricia and Bill, Alt-K, Mike, Rich, RJ, Maddy, , Sean and Miles, Doug, Pat for the much appreciated heater & Cath for the treats.

we went from this

to this

with a lot of this in-between!

Building Bee August 2008

We are busy gearing up for our building bee the last two weeks of August. We will be building the walls and the roof for the south side of the house — that’s the little house where a bathroom and guest room will be. We’ll also be finishing up the railing on the power tower, milling a little wood and having cocktail hour as well as late afternoon ocean swims and spectacular outdoor showers when the weather allows.
The righteous builders brigage so far is….Kevin, Sonja, Pere, DeeDee, Patricia, Bill, Maddy, Kevin N, Mike, RJ, Jan and Rich. Give Kevin a call if you want to be added to the list.

Even if you are not comfortable with a power tool there is still a place for you! Wash dishes, use a rake, build a trail or entertain us with your music or stories. We will definitely be having weekend runs to Horseshoe bay and maybe a few during the week as well. Hope to see you there!

August long weekend

What a satisfying long weekend we had! After lots of prep work we were finally able to make some visible strides. Joists on the platform! Stairs on the power tower! Lots of drilling and sawing opportunities!

Highlights & Milestones: Scaffolding
Joists installed (that’s what the floor will sit on)
Stairs (and not just any stairs) on the power tower (see all the photos in the solar power tower photo album)
The hammock
Spontaenous sing-alongs to Jesus Christ Superstar songs

Our big gratitude to this weeks Righteous Building Brigade: Nugent, Mike, Jordana, Maddy, and Cath for fabulous food.

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From Late July

Here is a photo history of the powertower: