We would like to extend a big thank-you to all of those that helped us
build our cabin in 2010. We had two week-long builds and many weekends
of hard labour and fun times. We accomplished a lot this year including:
Knee bracing
Completed framing in guest cabin and main cabin
Installed all windows and some doors
Installed roof on main cabin
Completed the foundations, posts and beam for the deck addition and the stairway
Installed and tested woodstove
Brought water line to cabin and power tower
Cleaned up and burned – good times
Brought septic to main cabin

So a big warm thank-you to all of you that helped in so many ways – we
could not do it without you

Pere and DeeDee
Jennifer-Lee and Blake
Shahana and Summer



Kevin, Annie, Simon and Jeremy


Big Build 2010

Big Build 1 2010

There are only part of the pictures from our 1st big build of 2010 (more photos coming). So amazing! The roof was put on, the water was warm and the company was great.

Many many many thanks to: John, Sean, Suzanne, Doug, Maddy, Jennifer-Lee, Blake, Nitin, Chris, Sonia, Frances, John O, Jan and the good dogs Jasper, Willy, and Ralphie.

Building Bee 1 2010

Hi Builders and Supporters,

We had a great time last weekend with perfect weather and help from
the Lantz family from Trois Rivieres. Thanks Kevin, Annie, Simon and
Jeremy. We installed the chimney for the woodstove, installed many
hurricane ties, painted the first coat on teh guest loft, prepared and
installed knee braces and sorted, planed and sanded the fir that we
milled up for facia boards. We also took final roof dimensions and I
have ordered the roofing material this morning. The crew also enjoyed
ample hammock, disk golf and badminton time with the final score Kevin
and Jeremy 31 to Kevin and Simon 29.

As you are no doubt aware next week is our first “big build” of the
year. We will be heading up Friday evening for 10 days of construction
fun times. There will also be swimming (who will be the first in this
year?), aforementioned disk golf, hammock and badminton as well as
delicious food and selected wines and beers. The testimonials from
past years provide adequate support of the good times had.
Testimonials such as:
“most beautiful construction site in the world”
“food unequalled this side of the lions”
“the dedication to safety on the job site was amazing to see”
“I’m learning so much”
I’m not sure that I have the exact wording for some of these but I
feel that I may have captured the spirit of the feedback that we have
been gathering since the project began back in ’07.

Here is the perfect weather forecast for next week:
Tonight Clear. Low 14.
Wednesday Sunny. High 22 except 26 inland. UV index 7 or high.
Wednesday night A few clouds. Low 15.
Thursday A mix of sun and cloud. High 23.
Friday Sunny. Low 15. High 23 except 28 inland.
Saturday Sunny. Low 15. High 23.
Sunday Sunny. Low 14. High 23.
Monday Sunny. Low 14. High 23.

For the 10 days we will hoping to
-put a roof on the main cabin including facia and all flashing
-make and install the remaining knee braces
-install the remaining two posts and deck beam including pouring the
pad foundations for these two posts
-finish the installation of the hurricane ties

– by Kevin, posted by Sonja


Best Hammock Ever!

World’s greatest outdoor shower

Ils fait tres beau ici!