Thanksgiving is upon us although you wouldn’t know it by the weather. We have a lot to be thankful for this year as in each of the past several years. Thanks to our friends and family, without whom we would not have been able to build a cabin on Gambier Island.
We will be heading to the cabin this weekend for Thanksgiving turkey dinner on Sunday. Let us know if you would like to join us for this feast – we would love to see you.
Sonja and Kevin

The Shingle Best Weekend of 2012

How many puns can people make using the words shingle and shake? About as many as the hundreds of nails that were used to put up the shingle siding on the power tower!

In addition to the many bad puns our long weekend also featured




and nature bingo!

ready to take the plunge
getting crafty!
We also had lots of neighbours and visitors coming to check out our progress. I am getting quite practised at our ‘7l cabin tour.’ If I had to summarize the things I emphasized most about our building journey they were:
  • Start with things you love. In our case, it was the land first, then the windows which we built the house around.
  • Find some common ground that will shape your decisions.
  • Create a good base camp
  • Enjoy the process!

Big thanks to Mike, John, Maddy and Blake and our land partner Bill who brought the beautiful cedar shakes from Vancouver Island.


Kevin discovered growlers at a local brewery. 64 oz bottles that you pay a deposit on. Cheaper than a six pack and the beer’s quite tasty!
Kevin discovered

Synchronized swimming and the beginning of the end of the scaffolding!

Another lovely weekend for Halkett Bay Builders!

Maddy finishing the painting the window sills brown

We put our salvaged corplast on the east wall of the power tower. Now both sides of the tower have a nice diffused light during the day and a great glow at night.
and we got started on the siding for the power tower


What’s missing from this picture? Scaffolding!! Sometimes taking something down feels like almost as big a deal as building something up! Taking down the scaffolding off the west wall of the cabin felt like a HUGE step forward!

And we still had time for fun and leisure

Lora studying to be our tree expert
Lunch time!
Lora and Kevin practising for the Halkett Bay Synchronized Swim Club!


What a fun and satisfying weekend!

Big thank yous to Mike, Maddy, Lora and her amazing gazpacho, Alex for coming over to finish his Chinese checkers game, Mother Nature and/or global warming for the amazing lightening light show.