Late October

The weather was perfect, the food was great and the card playing highly competive! A great weekend all around.

Terrible picture but great food: sitting down to a dinner of BBQ chicken, ribs and potato salad.
Curious fur-filled poop discovered on the upper road. Cougar?
What is this amazing monolith? Could it be the very first post in the new railing system?

Thanksgiving 2013

This is Kevin taking a shadow selfy and enjoying a Thanskgivng sunrise. We had so much to be thankful for this year: good food! amazing weather! roof! walls! wood stove! long extension cords that bring power from the power tower! cute dog! cute partner! and last but not least the 70 PEOPLE WHO HAVE HELPED US OVER THE YEARS!

many thanks to:
jesse patrica billg dale coe pere deedee marc matt janice alex don lewis willy molly jose sara pancho pat winram the Swiss family of three whose names we can’t remember! cath naomi maddy jordana terry+2 sonia chris nitin brad alpha blake shawn sean louise nessa miles suzanne doug rohini jodi bill mike john kevin n grady christa kevin l annie simon jerome eric rick courtney eric jan rich rj miss kim derek yael birgitte lora drew waylon / frances / kristen

Fog and fun

A hike around the property and through the park
Robin and Kevin playing mancala
We were promised sunshine but instead it turned into a curiously foggy weekend.  Fall is definitely in the air but that means the start woodstove and bonfire season is just around the corner!


Labour Day weekend 2013

What an amazing weekend it was! The very last of the scaffolding was taken down. Can we get a woo-hoo?  And almost as quickly as it was taken down it’s being transformed into new decking for the ‘grotto’ the rather large and airy space underneath our cabin.
When the crew wasn’t building there was some good eating happening with my second and most successful attempt at pork ribs in a homemade molasses BBQ sauce and some very delightful chocolate chip cookies provided by Mike. Nigella if you are reading this, I can tell you that Mike can follow a recipe like a hot damn and is pretty handy with power tools too. He is also a skilled crib player as his 4-0 victory over Kevin will attest. Just something to think about now that you are single….
The tray I made from leftover cedar battens and siding was quickly put to use for coffee and crib. 
Other highlights included swimming, mancala playing (Kevin got his revenge here) spotting of seals and a small weaselish creature by the dock and a lot of general basking in end of summer.