Thanksgiving 2013

This is Kevin taking a shadow selfy and enjoying a Thanskgivng sunrise. We had so much to be thankful for this year: good food! amazing weather! roof! walls! wood stove! long extension cords that bring power from the power tower! cute dog! cute partner! and last but not least the 70 PEOPLE WHO HAVE HELPED US OVER THE YEARS!

many thanks to:
jesse patrica billg dale coe pere deedee marc matt janice alex don lewis willy molly jose sara pancho pat winram the Swiss family of three whose names we can’t remember! cath naomi maddy jordana terry+2 sonia chris nitin brad alpha blake shawn sean louise nessa miles suzanne doug rohini jodi bill mike john kevin n grady christa kevin l annie simon jerome eric rick courtney eric jan rich rj miss kim derek yael birgitte lora drew waylon / frances / kristen

July flies by

July has gone by so fast! We got the initial inspections done, found a set of stairs floating in Howe Sound, built decks, grew tomatoes, ate great food, rescued Ralphie when he fell off the dock, trampolined up a storm and enjoyed every minute of the amazing weather.
Just to summarize where we are:
  • the initial inspections by the engineer and the permits people have been done which means we can now begin the wiring, plumbing etc.
  • the exterior is completed except the gutters and interior of the breezeway
  • the decking (except the interior of the breezeway) are completed
  • the tomatoes we are growing are delicious!
  • Fresh grown mint and bourbon go very nicely together
Big thanks to Maddy, Kristen, Brad, Sean, Nessa and Matt




Thanksgiving is upon us although you wouldn’t know it by the weather. We have a lot to be thankful for this year as in each of the past several years. Thanks to our friends and family, without whom we would not have been able to build a cabin on Gambier Island.
We will be heading to the cabin this weekend for Thanksgiving turkey dinner on Sunday. Let us know if you would like to join us for this feast – we would love to see you.
Sonja and Kevin

The Shingle Best Weekend of 2012

How many puns can people make using the words shingle and shake? About as many as the hundreds of nails that were used to put up the shingle siding on the power tower!

In addition to the many bad puns our long weekend also featured




and nature bingo!

ready to take the plunge
getting crafty!
We also had lots of neighbours and visitors coming to check out our progress. I am getting quite practised at our ‘7l cabin tour.’ If I had to summarize the things I emphasized most about our building journey they were:
  • Start with things you love. In our case, it was the land first, then the windows which we built the house around.
  • Find some common ground that will shape your decisions.
  • Create a good base camp
  • Enjoy the process!

Big thanks to Mike, John, Maddy and Blake and our land partner Bill who brought the beautiful cedar shakes from Vancouver Island.