Synchronized swimming and the beginning of the end of the scaffolding!

Another lovely weekend for Halkett Bay Builders!

Maddy finishing the painting the window sills brown

We put our salvaged corplast on the east wall of the power tower. Now both sides of the tower have a nice diffused light during the day and a great glow at night.
and we got started on the siding for the power tower


What’s missing from this picture? Scaffolding!! Sometimes taking something down feels like almost as big a deal as building something up! Taking down the scaffolding off the west wall of the cabin felt like a HUGE step forward!

And we still had time for fun and leisure

Lora studying to be our tree expert
Lunch time!
Lora and Kevin practising for the Halkett Bay Synchronized Swim Club!


What a fun and satisfying weekend!

Big thank yous to Mike, Maddy, Lora and her amazing gazpacho, Alex for coming over to finish his Chinese checkers game, Mother Nature and/or global warming for the amazing lightening light show.

Meteor weekend

This week we had visitors from Korea, Alberta and East Van!

Jan and Rich stopped in on their way back to Alberta to lend a hand with the roof and the siding

Sean (Shawn?) was visiting from Korea. He’s a friend of Brad’s and interested in doing a film project on sustainable building.

Highlights were the ukelele music, stargazing on the trampoline, swimming and Brad’s impressive backflip. Thanks again to Brad, Shawn, Jan and Rich, the sun for shining and the Perseids Meteor shower for putting on such a great show!

F(ant)astic weekend!

Another VSOP* weekend with great help from Pere, Deedee, Sonia (not me, the other one!) Alpha, Brad and Nitin.

Major accomplisments include installation of door hardware on the second floor, our very first drywall, the moving of the plastic shed and the discovery and destruction of a nest of carpenter ants. Nature highlights included deer, vultures, snakes, mice and a disturbingly large spider. Entertainment featured more Boobytrap, swimming, lots of food,  lively discussions of new technology, trampolining and bocce ball.

Alpha and Sonia show off their handiwork on the door

*visible signs of progress

See the whole Summer 2012 photo album

Thanksgiving at Halkett Bay

Here’s how you have Thanksgiving Dinner Halkett Bay style:
First you build the kitchen

IK2 (interim kitchen #2) was set up in a few hours while the turkey was soaking in brine. You can see a video of the stove moving here (Geek note — why doesn’t Blogger let me embed my picasa videos when they’re the same company?) By the time the turkey was ready to go the stove was set up and I did some of the rest of my prep while power tools and a great work crew of  Kevin, Waylon and Mike kept me company. It was my first time cooking a turkey on a BBQ and my first time cooking it breast side down, not to mention having the kitchen built around me but amazingly IK2 and dinner all came off without a hitch.

IK2 uses what will be our permanent kitchen which we bought off craigslist last year so even doing the dishes was a new experience. What an amazing Thanksgiving! Even the weather cooperated!
Lots more photos here. Thanks Waylon for the great pictures

July/August 2011

This summer is going by faster and slower than we anticipated. Putting on the siding was tremendously satisfying, as was the first pee in the newly installed toilet. (But I think I will actually miss that long walk/run up to the toilet shack.) We had a grand vision of getting it all done in one shot but we did manage to get the guest cabin mostly done and it’s beautiful. The closer we get from idea to thing the more amazed I am at what we’ve accomplished, even though sometimes it feels like we’ll never be finished.

I realized how negligent I’ve been in the photo department when I looked at Maddy’s beautiful pictures of the island this summer. She’s not only a great friend and builder, but she’s been our chief documenter as well.