2014: The movie

My apologies to all  for the terrible blogging this last little while. To be honest, we were too busy having fun in our almost-finished/always-in-progress cabin. To try and play catch-up I put all of our pictures in one slideshow to summarize what was another amazing and productive year.

Long weekend at Halkett Bay

Hi y’all,

Apologies for the infrequency of correspondence. I am sure that you have been checking our blog (7lcabin.blogspot.com) for the latest updates on our cabin building adventures. We have been up on Gambier Island most weekends this spring and plan to continue into summer. OUr project is going pretty well although I was reminded that we need to renew our building permit as it has been 6 years since we first got ours!
The weather has been a mixed bag this spring but look what the long weekend has in store:


Graphic forecast

26 Jun

A few showers

  • 18°C

27 Jun

Chance of showers

  • 60%
  • 22°C
  • 15°C

28 Jun

Chance of showers

  • 30%
  • 24°C
  • 16°C

29 Jun


  • 24°C
  • 17°C

30 Jun


  • 24°C
  • 16°C



  • 25°C
  • 15°C
We have been enjoying our first attempts at gardening, great food and a championship disk golf course right at our doorstep. If you feel like joining us let us know and we can make arrangements. Look forward to seeing you all this summer,
Sonja + Kevin

Decking discs and divine dining

It’s been a great spring so far. We’ve had mint from our planters, good times on the green roof and of course the nearly completed exterior siding!
But even among great weekends this weekend was special.

In the work department, Kevin finished some milling and Mike and Malcolm started on the much -anticipated decking.

is that decking going down? oh my so it is!

lovely lovely decking

The work was great but the fun was even better. Saturday lunch was tacos and a fabulous homemade lemon cake that Mike brought. Afterwards we had a lesson in disc golfing on the course that Malcolm designed.  Dinner was some amazing halibut which Malcolm brought down from up north, Then Sunday we had cold smoked salmon, also courtesy of Malcolm and our first inaugural game on the completed 12 target course!

Halibut, collard greens, corn and roasted potatoes onions and fennel
With room for strawberries and homemade biscuits
Work it all off with decking and disc golfing!
Malcolm shows us how it’s done
Looking for lost disks
Watch out for the water trap
Somewhere in the distance is the 11th target!

Now Malcolm says I have bo excuse not to priint out the map and score cards. so watch for that soon!

So to recap where we are as of the middle of June 2013:

  • The exterior siding is almost completed and only awaiting the installation of a bathroom window to be done.
  • The decking in the breezeway and guest cabin area has been started
  • The green roof is mostly planted and growing nicely
  • The disc golf course is finished
  • Life is good!

Weekend adventures and misadventures

For my birthday I wanted a weekend with friends and a comfortable place to sit!
interesting conversations
and great food
I did NOT want a test of our emergency evacation procedures when Maddy lost her balance and put her hands on the wood stove!!!
Fortunately, we had Mike on hand for some first aid and Jodi for TLC until she got to the emergency room in Vancouver. And she is now on the mend.
At Maddy’s request we didn’t let the crisis ruin our weekend and had a great Sunday of disc golf.
An adventurous and memorable weekend!