Cabin building update

Hi all,

Just wanted to update you on our progress. We are trying to get as much done as possible before August 30th when we will have a party to celebrate the cabin completion and our 15th anniversary.
So we have 8 weekends to get the cabin completed – or as close as we can. If you are interested in helping we will be going over every weekend and it is quite a delightful time of year to spend there with swimming, disk golf, gardening and of course cabin building.
Projects left to complete:
-Electrical: rough in wire, panel and boxes. Cable to power tower. install outlets and switches.
-Flooring: purchase, ship and install flooring throughout the house.
-Deck-rail: design, purchase and install deck railing
-Tiling: upper bathroom
-Plumbing: install upstairs sink and toilet
-Kitchen: design, purchase and install cabinets and counter-tops
Let us know if you would like to join us.
Kevin + Sonja

Big progress, bocce and brownies to die for


A great weekend at Gambier with many thanks to Louise, Sean & Mike for great food, good progress and bocce mania.

We invited a new term: “real-time design” for some of the modifications and adjustments that get made along the way. Installing the window on the second floor was a perfect 3.0 — e.g. the third time we tried to complete this aspect of the building. The first time we got the measurements wrong, the second time we got the measurements for a sliding door (which we didn’t yet have) right but decided to use a window (which we did have) instead. The many discussions around this reminded me again that the ‘logical’ criteria in our design philosophy is almost entirely subjective! Maybe logic is the thing that balances out all of the other values, the simplest path to meeting the most needs. Anyhow, we used a window we had left over and we didn’t have to buy a door and we rebuilt the wall so we wouldn’t drive ourselves crazy with wishing, years from now, that we’d taken the time to do it right the first time.
So that’s logical right?

Safety First Sean!

The geek in me was helpless to resist the animation possibilities of these two photos of Sean. It would be smoother if I did it in Photoshop but not bad for the first animation generator I googled. Click on the picture to see it in action.

From Jun 2011

In addition to the installation of the window we did a lot of tidying and sweeping in a space that everyday is feeling less like an idea and more like a real cabin. We had music on the deck for the first time thanks to the sweet sound system Louise brought. Mike made brownies with a cream cheese filling from his cooking muse, Nigella Lawson, and she did inspire him to greatness. The weekend was all about keeping the carnivores happy: Sean brought the bbq to life with some amazing juicy burgers and Saturday night we went Ukrainian with sausage and perogies.

The daisies are out


From Jun 2011
and the weather on the ride back was fantastic! Thanks again everyone for a rockin’ weekend!

Spring 2008 – Getting started, looking ahead

We haven’t posted in a while, spending the winter in urban life, all the while thinking and pondering over the house plans. After creating the Halkett Bay t-shirts for Christmas, we’ve gone and changed the plans. This is actually a clever ploy to make you want to collect all the t-shirts in the series. I’m very excited about the ‘new’ plan since it’s really a return to our first plan, an open breezeway between the guestroom and the main cabin. We’re also making the roof of the breezeway and guestroom flat. Suddenly this all seems much more do-able, and simple. Logical. We’ll see where this philosophy gets us in the end, but for now, it’s been great to have such a clear framework to think about what we are doing. And it is too cool that the house itself is going to be L shaped.

We went up there last weekend, and spent the day evicting mice who had set up a busy little highway right into our supposedly mouseproof cupboard. Like most animals on Gambier, they seem relatively fearless. Some even ran back into the cupboard as we were clearing it out.

Kevin and Don had been up a week before, and put the $6 metal doors on the power tower. They looked great! Since I started a creative writing program this year, I’ve been fantacizing about the room at the top of the tower as a writing room/retreat.

The big build this year will be the last two weeks of August, so consider yourself invited! Right now we are heading up for day trips on the weekend as well, so let us know if you wanna be on the ‘nice day let’s go!’ list.